The Importance of Micronutrients and Polyphenols During Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment

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Both patients and doctors understand the importance of a healthy diet and proper activity levels during and after mesothelioma cancer treatment. Offering the body key nutrients, vitamins and minerals allows the tissues to recover from harsh cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. However, there are certain substances that the body can use to [...]

Unexplained Infertility Explained

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Unexplained Infertility
About 15-30% of infertile couples are diagnosed with what is called “unexplained infertility”.  Well what the heck does that mean?  This is a large population of individuals searching for an answer as to why they haven’t been able to conceive naturally or carry a healthy baby to term.  This [...]

Healthy Smoothie Bowls

I am SO EXCITED to be introducing my new love for the summer, SMOOTHIE BOWLS!  Like many of you, I was waking up in the morning, having my smoothie along with an additional oatmeal or granola and yogurt to fill my belly.  I was getting B-O-R-E-D.  Then I thought, why not combine them?  They are [...]

Blueberry Swirl Popsicles

By Adele Cavaliere, Celebrity Nutritionist, Author & Wellness Coach
This summer is going to be a hot one, and what better way to cool off with this delicious and, you got it, HEALTHY recipe! These popsicles are sure to make your stomach smile!

2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
1 cups blueberries
6 dates
(optional: 1 cup kefir or Greek yogurt)

Instructions: [...]

Medicinal Herbs in Your Backyard

Why go to the local healthfood store and spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, when there are beautiful medicinal plants in your neighborhood?  I discuss the common Wild Ontario plants that can add value to your health, as well as one particular plant that you see as a nuisance, but could save your life!
Disclaimer: This [...]

5 Tips to Healthy Summer Eating

You already know how to eat healthy the majority of the time, but this can become difficult during the summer season when family picnics, BBQs, weddings, night outs, and events are most prominent. I’ve got your covered! Here are some simple tips you can incorporate to ensure a healthier summer for you and your family!
Tip [...]

What’s a Dad to Do?

A guide for partners assisting women during labour and delivery
We assist women and their partners during childbirth all the time as doulas, but one of the most common concerns we get from the partner is, “I don’t really know what to do, or how I can help”.  This fear is very common, and very real.  [...]

Superfood Fertility Oatmeal

Start off your day right with this high protein/fibre breakfast designed with your fertility in mind.  Some of the fantastic superfoods ideal for conception include maca, and bee pollen.  This oatmeal recipe is:

High in Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 deficiency is linked to irregular menstruation, and poor egg/sperm development
High in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential [...]

You’re eating for two – Healthy Nutrition in Pregnancy

It goes without question that a woman’s nutrition before and during pregnancy influences the health of her baby.  Proper nutrition ensures that a woman is taking in the necessary nutrients to feel healthy, have energy, and reduce the risks of fetal developmental and neurological disorders. Poor nutrition can be an indirect cause of gestational diabetes, [...]

Mediterranean Salad with Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette

I just love the simplicity of a Mediterranean salad, packed with anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, B vitamins, and soluble fibre!  The ingredients in this recipe help protect the brain, protect against reproductive cancers (ovarian, breast, uterine and prostate), cholesterol imbalances, stress, and weight.  Simple, delicious, and healthy!  Enjoy!


4 cups salad greens (mixture of romaine and spinach)
2 [...]