Modalities & Therapies


Any one or a mixture of the following modalities are employed in treatment:

botanicalBotanical Medicine – Ever wonder how your ancestors treated their ailments? Plants contain a variety of medicinal constituents that Naturopaths utilize to treat disease and aid in healing.  The therapeutic components of plants have been used for thousands of years and can be used raw, in the form of teas, extracts, lotions, supplements and many other forms to help the body strengthen and heal.



Acupuncture/Asian Medicine- Asian Medicine is an ancient therapy utilizing such techniques as acupuncture / acupressure, cupping, moxabustion, herbs and diet therapy to restore balance of Yin/Yang of the 5 basic Organ Systems of the body.  Essentially, complete health is restored when all organ systems are balanced and in neither excess or deficiency states.  The Organs are represented along meridians throughout the body, and acupuncture works to stimulate these channels in order to treat the excess or deficiency.  Acupuncture is also used from a Western Medicine point of view for chronic pain by increasing circulation to the area, relaxing tight muscles, and breaking up adhesions/scar tissue.


Hydrotherapy – Water!!  Easy to access and the most important fluid on earth!  Hydrotherapy employs the use of hot and cold water applications to stimulate the immune system and healing process.  Contrast showers, saunas, peat baths, and other forms of hydrotherapy may be including in your protocol when your immune system needs a “boost” and when detoxification is required in chronic illness.


Physical Medicine – Utilizing methods such as massage, spinal manipulation, exercise prescription and maniprehabilitation, Naturopathic Doctors help restore your body’s optimal structure. Various factors such as injury, tension, poor posture, improper footwear and overuse can all be stressors on the body which eventually lead to pain or dysfunction. Over time, the body starts to compensate for this by creating further imbalance and ultimately MORE PAIN! By addressing these factors, the body can restore function without suffering from further damage.


homeopathyHomeopathy – Homeopathic medicine uses the fundamental principle that “like cures like” to treat a variety of conditions. By exposing a patient to diluted concentrations of various substances, Homeopathy works at an energetic level to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Single remedies, complex remedies, or Biotherapeutic Techniques using UNDA may be prescribed.


Lifestyle and Counselling -Health is not only defined by one’s physical state but also their mental, emotional and spiritual well being. We recognize the link between physical and mental/emotional and treat the cause.  Ranging from stress to severe depression, various mental states can dramatically affect your physical health and vice versa.  Naturopathic Doctors treat the WHOLE person by identifying risk factors and providing recommendations to help optimize physical, mental and emotional well-being. Counselling, education, and tools are provided to empower the patient to guide them on their healing journey.

nutritionClinical Nutrition – Nutritional counselling is not just about putting the right fuel into your body. It is about optimizing your individual needs through the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals for your demands. Your nutrition plan is focused on assisting with correcting imbalances (infections, sensitivities, chronic disease, stress, etc) and restoring a healthy terrain to fight off unwanted warriors (i.e. bacteria and viruses).



labtestingLaboratory Testing and Physical Exams – Naturopathic doctors assess your health via laboratory testing and physical exams to gain insight on what is happening at an organic level.  As your primary healthcare provider, ND’s perform regular blood work and also test for additional items such as Food Sensitivities, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hormone Panels and the function of individual organs.