Healthy Smoothie Bowls

I am SO EXCITED to be introducing my new love for the summer, SMOOTHIE BOWLS!  Like many of you, I was waking up in the morning, having my smoothie along with an additional oatmeal or granola and yogurt to fill my belly.  I was getting B-O-R-E-D.  Then I thought, why not combine them?  They are [...]

Blueberry Swirl Popsicles

By Adele Cavaliere, Celebrity Nutritionist, Author & Wellness Coach
This summer is going to be a hot one, and what better way to cool off with this delicious and, you got it, HEALTHY recipe! These popsicles are sure to make your stomach smile!

2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
1 cups blueberries
6 dates
(optional: 1 cup kefir or Greek yogurt)

Instructions: [...]

5 Tips to Healthy Summer Eating

You already know how to eat healthy the majority of the time, but this can become difficult during the summer season when family picnics, BBQs, weddings, night outs, and events are most prominent. I’ve got your covered! Here are some simple tips you can incorporate to ensure a healthier summer for you and your family!
Tip [...]